November Update

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    • November Update

      Hello Everyone!

      November is upon us and the next few weeks will fly by as we head on into the holiday season. The team continues to work on the PlayStation 4 release, and we’re crossing our fingers but not holding our breath for a Christmas launch (more information below). Black Friday and Cyber Monday are quickly approaching, let us know on the forums what you’d like to see on sale for these two special sale dates.

      PunkBuster Update:

      We’ve now removed PunkBuster from the launcher and it is safe to remove it from your computer. We’ll also remove it from the installer in due time, but for now if you need to install APB Reloaded again you may uninstall PunkBuster afterwards.

      In the last blog post I mentioned that we were releasing the PunkBuster bans from the last year. We did and we’ve had very few accounts return to the banned side after the release, so we’ve decided to go back another year and release more PunkBuster banned accounts. The goal is to have all accounts that were banned by PunkBuster reversed, by Christmas. In the next few weeks you’ll start to see more posts about the reversal. If you’ve been banned in the past by PunkBuster keep watch of your email and we’ll let you know when you have access again.

      A few things to note on these reversals:

      • If your account was multiple banned which means by PunkBuster and FairFight, or for another Terms of Service violation and PunkBuster, your account will not be unbanned.
      • Do not contact support to be unbanned. Once the unban process is completed, you’ll receive an email letting you know your account was unbanned.
      Cheat Investigation

      Since removing PunkBuster and fine tuning FairFight, we continue to monitor the data we feed to FairFight daily. While reviewing this data, we’ve identified a potential false positive with one particular ruleset, so in good faith we’re going to reverse those bans (on Tuesday afternoon) and monitor the accounts closely. We have worked with the GameBlocks team to identify the 71 accounts that were banned due to this particular ruleset and we’ll be reaching out to the account holders via email on Tuesday. Please do not contact support, they have no information on the accounts that will be reversed at this time.

      Note: The particular ruleset was disabled on Friday, and re-enabled later in the day.

      Xbox One

      We’ll be removing the Halloween event on Wednesday, so if you’ve not completed the event please do so before the maintenance. We are also working on a patch that will have some bug fixes and the Christmas event. Keep watch on the console forums for more information regarding this update.

      PlayStation 4

      We’ve got our fingers crossed for a launch prior to Christmas but we’re at Sony’s mercy. While we’re hoping for the best, we still continue to work on PS4 and we’ll let you know once we have more information on the launch date.

      Christmas Event 2016

      I can't believe we're talking about Christmas already! In the next few weeks, we’ll be publishing the Christmas event to the OTW server. We ask that if you have time to test, please take a test drive of the event and report any issues. We will have new titles for the event and some other goodies. More information will be posted in the next few weeks, for now enjoy some images for the event!

      "Japan ist ein wenig so wie Österreich: da hast du erstens das Meer..." 8o